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Experience freediving and spearing as it is meant to be in clear, warm 27.5C to 31C (81F to 88F) year-round oceanic water. No thick wetsuits and heavy weights to slow you down. Absolutely pristine reefs and the greatest marine biodiversity on Earth. On Kicha Island and Bulo Point you can hear the underwater sonic barrage of nearby Kavachi Submarine Volcano erupting and island-building.

Bulo Island, offering 30 to 40 metre (100 to 130 feet) vertical and 100 to 150 metre (330 to 500 feet) horizontal visibility most of the year, the sheltered north coast, and Charapae Point wall dropping vertically from rainforest to 75 metres (250 feet), is a photographer's dream - pack the camera and you'll be amazed at the results.

If you're experienced and comfortable with bottomless water and curious Silky sharks, experience the real 'deep blue' - we have five FADs ranging from 1000 to 2000 metres (3300 to 6600 feet) depth, from 10 to 16 n.m.offshore from the Lodge.

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The Lodge offers the ultimate swim-in swim-out, boat-in boat-out access. You have a spectacular coral wall dropping into 200 metres of blue ocean just five minutes swim from the Lodge. Travelling time to Malemale Island is 5 minutes, Bulo Island 12 minutes, and Kicha Island 25 minutes. Wood-fired hot water, flexible meal times, and boats always ready to go ensures you make the most of your holiday.

Two fibreglass longboats with 40HP outboards provide fast, fuel-efficient access to the hundreds of freediving options. A twin sit-on-top kayak makes an excellent freedom vehicle for exploring the reefs and bluewater just off the Lodge, and there's a traditional dugout canoe if you're looking for pure island style.


For bookings, packages and advice please contact our central booking office:

phone: within Australia 1 800 222 234 ~ international +61 2 9299 4633

See you in the water!

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